It’s hard to believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 has been out for a couple weeks now. To think we were all desperately awaiting its launch only some time ago. It’s even crazier to think that Rockstar only spoonfed us small details about how the game would play in the two or so months before its launch. But now we’ve got the game and everyone is slowly learning all there is to know about its story and myriad gameplay systems. Some have even been fortunate enough to beat the roughly 50-hour game.

In our time spent playing Red Dead 2, we’ve grown to love so much about it. This adventure across the sprawling frontier of the Old West is packed with all sorts of thrilling and emotional moments, as well as an attention to detail across its systems and locations not often seen anywhere else.

Our love for Rockstar’s latest effort only continues to grow with every hour we spend in its world. In this feature, you’ll find 20 things that we at GameSpot adore about Red Dead 2. Contained are brief musings on all the tidbits we enjoyed, such as the game’s night sky, spending time at the Van der Linde camp, or just the way Arthur twirls his revolver back into his holster.

If you haven’t already read our Red Dead 2 review, be sure to read it! GameSpot’s Kallie Plagge wrote: “While Red Dead Redemption was mostly focused on John Marston’s story, Red Dead 2 is about the entire Van der Linde gang–as a community, as an idea, and as the death rattle of the Wild West. It is about Arthur, too, but as the lens through which you view the gang, his very personal, very messy story supports a larger tale. Some frustrating systems and a predictable mission structure end up serving that story well, though it does take patience to get through them and understand why. Red Dead Redemption 2 is an excellent prequel, but it’s also an emotional, thought-provoking story in its own right, and it’s a world that is hard to leave when it’s done.”

Though, if you’re more in the market for guides, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to check out our guides roundup containing features highlighting all the tips you should know before playing and things the game doesn’t tell you. And if you want to have some extra fun, read our feature detailing the game’s cheat codes.

Anyway, what do you love most about Red Dead 2? Don’t hesitate to write your dissertations in the comments below!

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